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Malware Types and Prevention


What is Malware? Malware is short for malicious software, meaning software that can be used to compromise computer functions, steal data, bypass access controls, or otherwise cause harm to the host computer. Malware is a broad term that refers to a variety of malicious programs. This post will define several of the most common types […]

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Secure the EC2 Instances in the AWS Cloud with PaloAlto VM Series Firewalls


In this example, the VPC is deployed in the network with two /24 subnets: and The VM-Series firewall will be launched in the subnet to which the Internet gateway is attached. The subnet is a private subnet that will host the EC2 instances that need to be secured by the […]

Managing and Securing Remote Access To Critical Infrastructure


Managing and Securing Remote Access To Critical Infrastructure, 1. Securing Remote Access to OT/ICS Systems Yariv Lenchner Sr. Product Manager CyberArk Software 2. Current ICS Security Status ▪ We all know that many ICS systems and devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks ▪ There are many reasons for this: ■ ■ ■ Preferring system availability […]

Planning for and implementing security logging


Introduction Most data security breaches have something in common; they are not overly technical, and in most cases they could have been easily detected – far sooner than they are currently. The available evidence from forensic investigations has shown that over 40% of data breaches remain undetected for months at a time. Our collective goal […]