Data Protection with Warrior Networks Cloud Backup

Warrior Networks Cloud Backup Is a unified, cost-effective data protection solution for your physical, virtual, and SaaS environments. It’s a complete backup solution with remote storage that is easy to buy, install, and manage. The Warrior Cloud Advantage • Simple pricing with no per-application or per-server licensing fees. • Backup software, local storage, and remote storage that can be rapidly deployed in under an hour. • Cloud-based central management for seamless multisite administration. • Rapid local or remote recovery, preventing data loss and minimizing down time. • Available as a virtual appliance that can be deployed without requiring additional hardware.

The Warrior Cloud Advantage:

Physical and Virtual Most businesses today have a mixed environment of physical and virtual server Warrior Cloud Backup is a single solution to protect physical servers and virtual machines (VMware & Hyper-V) with snapshot and granular file recovery—all with unified management for replication and retention. .

All-in-One Backup Solution Warrior Cloud Backup is a complete solution that comes from one vendor. It combines software, in-line deduplication, and offsite cloud or private replication without per- server or per-application licensing fees. .

Flexible Deployment Warrior Cloud Backup is available as both an all- in-one physical appliance or virtual appliance Warrior Cloud Storage, Cloud Control and Cloud LiveBoot recovery allow simple remote replication, seamless multisite administration, and rapid access to virtual machines during site disasters. .

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup While Software-as-a-Service and cloud- hosted environments, such as Microsoft Office 365, are a fantastic way to mitigate natural and mechanical failures, human- caused data loss is still ever present.

Cloud-Connected Archiving for Efficiency and E-Discovery

Reduce your email storage requirements, easily meet regulatory requirements, and take complex e-discovery requests in stride. Warrior Networks Cloud integration ensures secure, long-term storage. And all users get instant, anytime access to archived messages on any device.

Retain Email Securely and Reduce Storage Requirements:

Archive Accurately and Achieve Compliance Warrior Neworks uses journal capture to secure an accurate and unmodified copy of each message at the time it is sent or received. These immutable copies are stored securely in a tamper-proof repository for as long as needed, without risk of corruption or deletion.

Simplified Email Management Warrior Networks Message Archiver slashes your costs by dramatically reducing your email server storage demands. Full message compression, deduplication, and stubbing means that users easily stay within storage limits without needing to export PST files. .

Streamlined Compliance and E-Discovery No matter how complex your audit or discovery requirements, Warrior Networks Message Archiver makes it easy to comply with minimal resources. It creates fully indexed archives, enables legal hold, and includes iterative, multi-level search capabilities across multiple appliances and the Warrior Cloud.

Access Archives Anytime, Anywhere The Warrior Networks Message Archiver lets users easily access their archived data wherever they are working. The multi-function Microsoft Outlook Add-In provides an integrated experience within their familiar Outlook client, and enables them to work seamlessly with both mailbox and archived data.

Office 365 Message Archive

Multi-Layer Security, Backup, Archiving and eDiscovery for Office 365. Making the Cloud Safe for Business Migrating your email to the cloud gives your organization the convenience of easy access to email and documents with reduced management overhead. However, trusting your most important data to the cloud raises new concerns about security, compliance and data protection. How do you protect against all of the threats associated with web-based business email? How do you demonstrate compliance and retention if all emails are stored in the same production environment? And, how do you protect against human-caused data loss? Email-Borne Threat Protection Your responsibility to safeguard your emails is the same in the cloud as it is for on-premises solutions. Trusted by thousands of businesses, Warrior Networks Essentials provides you with industry-leading protection from email-borne attacks, spam, and viruses. It includes advanced security features like attachment sandboxing as well anti-virus, anti-phishing, and typosquatted link protection to secure against sophisticated targeted attacks. Data loss protection and email encryption keep sensitive data such as credit cards and customer data from leaving your organization. Email continuity services ensures that email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based, email service, in the event primary email services become unavailable.

Email Threat Scanner

Because email is the number one vector for advanced threats, it is very likely that your inboxes contain latent threats—malicious attachments that can infect your network or execute a cryptographic ransomware attack and hold all your files hostage with a single click.

Warrior Networks Email Threat Scanner is a free, cloud-based service that examines your Office 365 mailboxes using advanced threat protection techniques including a full system emulated sandbox to remote detonate the file to observe intended behavior. It finds and reports in detail on all advanced threats and at risk employees discovered in your organization’s email..

Backup and Recovery for Office 365 Everyday, more and more organizations are migrating to SaaS and Cloud-hosted environments like Office 365. While these environments are fantastic ways to mitigate against natural and mechanical failures, human-caused data loss and advanced persistent threats that put your data at risk are always present.

Archiving for Compliance: There are strong legal and business reasons to ensure that emails are retained, safely archived and easily searched. Office 365 Essentials from Warrior Networks integrates with Office 365 to create a powerful yet extremely intuitive email retention and e-discovery system. .

Amazon Web Services Cloud Security

Amazon Web Services Cloud Security Cloud infrastructure opens up new flexibility and economy for your business, but with it comes a rapidly evolving security landscape. As AWS provides the elasticity your business needs, it’s important to ensure your security responsibility by protecting assets, sensitive data and applications against threats and attacks. Your AWS environment requires cloud-native security technology with 24x7 monitoring to identify and protect against cyber threats in real time. That’s why we created a cloud security solution built specifically for AWS environments. Cloud Defender is a cloud-native managed security solution that provides complete security visibility and fulfills compliance requirements. Integrating 24x7 threat monitoring by certified security experts in Warrior Networks SOC with a set of AWS security tools that protect your data at multiple layers of the application stack, you get the actionable threat detection and security intelligence to protect your business critical data and applications in your AWS environment.

Security as a Service Built for AWS:

Cloud Security Means Shared Responsibilities. AWS employs a Shared Security Model: AWS provides physical security, instance isolation, and protection for foundation cloud services. You are responsible for securing the content and applications in your environment.

Centralized and Integrated Security Management Single user experience with integrated security tools at the network, system, and web application layers. Security Expertise: Skilled GIAC-certified security experts identify, review, investigate, and escalate incidents to proactively protect against threats 24x7.

Scalable Threat Detection and Response Management Process Security data is collected, aggregated, and analyzed to identify an attack, and as soon as a high priority threat is detected and verified, you are notified with remediation recommendations to address the attack.

Designed for AWS Scale with AWS APIs to protect AWS workloads, adhere to AWS security best practices, provide complete visibility from account to host, and scale with your dynamic AWS environment..

Managed Web Application Security

A NEW APPROACH TO WEB APPLICATION SECURITY Warrior Networks Web Security Manager is unique in that it comes fully engaged. Experts in the Warrior Networks Security Operations Center manage, tune and monitor Web Security Manager 24x7, 365 days a year to ensure your web applications and your business are protected. Warrior Networks Web Security Manager is an out-of-band web application firewall designed to secure the gaps of a traditional IDS. Web Security Manager offers improved detection capabilities (both signature and learning-based) without the risk of latency and slowing down business applications.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Proven Technology Using both a signature database and machine-learning analytics, our managed web application firewall alerts when cyber attacks are detected in your web traffic patterns.

Continuous Protection ActiveWatch experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) manage, tune, and monitor Web Security Manager 24x7 to ensure your web applications and business stay secure and functional.

Deployment without Downtime Web Security Manager easily deploys in on-premises, hosted, and cloud environments, providing security without physical network changes. A simple pay-as-you-go model delivers web application security and support for compliance mandates at a lower cost than traditional web application firewall solutions.

No Business Disruptions Web Security Manager is a WAF that monitors web applications traffic, ensuring the customer experience on your websites and applications is unaffected. As cyber threats or suspicious activities are detected, our team will alert you and provide recommended remediation steps..

Identity and Access Management

Today's organizations need to govern and enforce user access across multiple channels, including mobile, social and cloud. At the same time, they must address business needs such as role management, compliance and audit reporting and integration of various user populations. Warrior Networks Identity and Access Management Solutions help safeguard valuable data and applications with context-based access control, security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance. Armed with user metrics and audit reports on user entitlements and access activities, you can deal more quickly and efficiently with the complexities of user access management, insider threats and compliance requirements.

Identity and access management solutions from Warrior will help:

Safeguard mobile, cloud and social access.

Prevent advanced insider threats.

Simplify cloud integrations and identity silos.

Deliver actionable identity intelligence.

Identity as a Service (IAAS)

Sign-on for thousands of Apps

One-Click-Access to all apps without the integration hassles. Improve security by eliminating the use of easy-to-remember, reused and/or improperly stored passwords.

Single Sign-on (SSO) from identity Service lets users access cloud, mobile and on-premises apps from any device. With single sign-on, users enter a single user name and password once and get secure access across apps and devices – based on policy from IT. Supports internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers)

Simplify external user access with inbound federation from other identity providers.

Customize how users authenticate to Identity Service based on their security environment

User Access with inbound federation from other identity providers.

SSO for Cloud and Mobile Apps

Single sign-on has evolved. Users are accessing apps on their handhelds, in the cloud and behind your firewall — and they’re doing it from multiple locations using multiple devices.

Our solution lets you deploy browser-based apps, native mobile apps and custom apps — all with a single username and password, controlled by IT, and leveraging industry standards such as SAML.

Single Sign-on for On-premises Apps

Single sign-on doesn’t have to stop in the cloud. Provide secure behind-the-firewall access, without VPN.

No hardware to install or maintain. No firewall rules to change. No new infrastructure. No need to provide full network access.

Encrypted, dedicated, per-app access. Simple and secure.

Core Security

Attack Intelligence Platform from Warrior Networks can identify the most likely threats to your business by simulating an attack and determing exactly how that would impact your critical assets. We can substantially narrow the focus to your most vulnerable points on your network and applications by using a patented attack path simulation.

Core Security offers the industry's most comprehensive and extensible attack intelligence platform, backed by more than 15 years of applied expertise and focus on attacker behavior. Through our patented attack path planner (simulation) and attack engine (testing), the platform correlates known exploits with identified vulnerabilities and actual attacks. This is combined with other security and network data to form potential attack paths to critical business assets.

The platform is based on intelligence sharing from several key sources with this knowledge and experience shared across our intelligence and engineering teams in the form of new features, attacker patterns and exploits. Similarly, Core Impact solution is an integral part of the platform's attack path engine. When organizations simulate attack paths through Core Insight, they will utilize Core Impact to further validate and test vulnerabilities to ensure a secure environment

Data Security

Data Encryption

Protecting your data means that you are protecting your business, as a critical asset Data is subject to attacks, after all this is the key asset hackers are looking to obtain. Secure Data is part of our key business strategy and our Data Protection Solutions focus on Database Encryption, Database Backup Encryption, file encryption, and transparent database encryption. Without effective and clearly defined security policies around data it is impossible to implement data protection. Policies will define who what when and how data is accessed, and from what machines and /or application it can be accessed.

Encryption key management

Our EKM solution provides the capability to centralize all key management tasks on a single platform and effectively automate key management administration, including an automated and secure mechanism for key rotation, replication, and backup.

Monitor and report on policy

Tamper proof auditing tracks all authorised and unauthorised attempts to access protected data as well as any changes to security policies. It even tracks activities of the database administrator (DBA) with respect to sensitive data, and provides a complete audit report of all these activities. All log records are encrypted and protected.


Data protection through selective & highly secure, column-level encryption

Strong key management centralises all key management tasks

Separation of duties between security administration & database administration

Robust audit & reporting to provide insight & integrity

Application transparency designed to be implemented with no changes to existing applications

High performance, scalability and easy deployment

Support for all major relational databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. Available on industry standard UNIX, and Windows environments, as well as IBM iSeries and zSeries environments.

Database Backup Encryption

Native SQL Server backups are essentially a dump of data stored in SQL Server files. This is an inefficient and insecure way of storing backup data, as it is stored unencrypted, unprotected, and uncompressed..

Data Loss Prevention: (Symantec DLP)

DLP is pre-emptive protection of unintentional loss of sensitive information. This means being able to remediate problems in real-time, educating and alerting users without involving IT or Security personnel, and inspecting and controlling data movements in areas identified as sensitive in the network architecture. Handling such issues requires experience and hindsight.

Amazon Web Services Security: (AWS SECURITY)

DLP is pre-emptive protection of unintentional loss of sensitive information. This means being able to remediate problems in real-time, educating and alerting users without involving IT or Security personnel, and inspecting and controlling data movements in areas identified as sensitive in the network architecture. Handling such issues requires experience and hindsight.