Warrior Networks Cloud Backup

Warrior Networks Cloud Backup offers an affordable, one-stop solution for the protection of data regardless of the storage environment. Everything you need for a solution to your backup and remote storage concerns is provided in a bundle that’s easily buyable, simply installed, and easy to manage.


The Warrior Cloud Advantage

  • One simple price without the hidden fees
  • Software for backups, storage both locally and remotely available in less than an hour.
  • Core management is cloud-based, allowing for administrators in multiple locations to work together efficiently.
  • Lightning-quick recovery with minimal downtime
  • Requires no hardware to be installed when deployed as a virtual appliance.

Product Spotlight

  • Data replication is executed to both the cloud and between sites, preventing the loss of data in an emergency.
  • LiveBoot, which is also available from the Cloud, provides accelerated recovery of VMware as well as Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines in only a few minutes.
  • Backups from Cloud to Cloud guarantees a loss-free data environment for Microsoft Office 365.
  • Historical revisions can be stored through the use of a vault off-site, boosting available local storage space.
  • Elimination of duplicates combined with advanced compression can provide as much as a 50x reduction in bandwidth and storage space demands.



Protection of Data

Application Delivery

Virtual and Physical

These days it is common to combine virtual and physical servers. Warrior Cloud Backup offers a simplified solution for protecting both the physical and virtual components (VMware & Hyper-V) through the use of snapshot and granular file restoration—while providing a centralized management system for replicating and retaining the data.

Complete Backup Solution

Warrior Cloud Backup provides an all-in-one solution from a single vendor. A combination of software, in-line duplication removal, as well as offsite private or cloud replication with no extra fees for additional hardware or users.

Deployment Flexibility

Warrior Cloud Backup can be a complete solution to both the virtual and physical demands of your system. Warrior Cloud Storage, Cloud LiveBoot recovery, and Cloud Control allow for remote replication, smooth administration from multiple sites, and instant access to all virtual machines in the event of a crisis.

When operating in a private environment the Local Control management, Local LiveBoot recovery, and Site-to-Site replication services provide total private security.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Human triggered loss remains one of the greatest dangers in data storage, even with the use of tools like Microsoft Office 365 to reduce the dangers of mechanical failure.

Warrior Cloud Storage

Accidental data loss or deletion is prevented through the use of Warrior Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and includes SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Warrior Networks • Easy Cloud-Connected Backup

Key Features


  • Complete localized backups with full restore capability
  • Removal of duplicates combined with compression of files at all levels
  • Accelerated WAN technology built-in
  • Replication from cloud-cloud or between sites
  • Replication occurs in real-time and includes storage offsite
  • Export capabilities include: tape, external disk, robotic libraries, or autoloaders
  • 256-bit AES of data during transfers and when not in use at remote locations
  • Ongoing protection of data
  • VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
  • Universal agent specifically for Windows applications and systems

Offsite Vaulting

  • Historical versions of revisions stored in an offsite vault based in Barracuda Cloud Storage
    or in a remote site
  • Extended offsite-only retention includes as many as 12 monthly revisions and 7 yearly

Long-term Retention

  • Backup Export Tool provides the tools for archiving on external media, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or to tape.
  • Support for archiving on virtual tape to be stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) as well as Glacier through the use of
    the AWS Storage Gateway-VTL


  • Physical backups of the server can be restored to vSphere and Hyper-V virtual environments through the use of Physical- to-Virtual (P2V) restoration
  • Linux and Windows environments are both capable of a bare metal restore
  • Data can be downloaded or recovered from any location at any time, no need for local machines to be operational.
  • Fluid accessibility of both local and offsite information using a single display
  • Cloud LiveBoot for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, combined with LiveBoot, ensures quick recovery times
  • Granular recovery of files for VMware and Hyper-V
  • History of file revisions
    • Granular Microsoft Exchange recovery at the message level
  • VMware CBT restoration

Kroll Ontrack for Granular SharePoint Recovery

  • Granular search and recovery of files
    • Restoration to more than one location

Virtual Appliance

  • Supports both VMware and the Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Simple per-socket (CPU) prices for virtual environments as well as pricing per server for physical environments.
  • In-line replication to remote sites or Barracuda Cloud Storage

Administration and Policy Management
• Centralized operation of management via

Warrior Cloud Control

• Localized management with Warrior Local Control

  • Rate limits for data transfer
  • Monitor health status with mobile apps
    • Tiered administration for multiple roles • Data retention flexibility
    • Rules for exclusion from backups

Reporting and Statistics

  • Monitor server health
    • Utilize traffic on the network traffic
    • Efficiency of storage
    • Notifications of replication failure • Restoration reports with full details
  • Logs of any audits coupled with notifications while offline • Email reports can be automated
    • Subscription of reports on large items

Energize Updates

  • 24/7 live support from an award-winning team
  • Updates for firmware
    • Upgrade agents automatically • No fees for additional features or applications

Instant Replacement

  • Hardware replacements are shipped on the next business day to minimize downtime.
  • Every four years a hardware refresh is provided at no extra charge to ensure you have access to the latest platform
  • Services for disaster recovery provides a preloaded replacement unit containing the most recent configuration settings and data, allowing for emergency restoration in situations where the entire site experiences a disaster.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

  • No limit on provided storage, guaranteeing no data loss when replicating with Barracuda Backup to the cloud and allowing you to choose your retention limits for vaults offsite

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Individual subscription available for a direct-to-cloud backup protecting Microsoft Office
    365 environments, which includes Exchange Online mailboxes, OneDrive for Business files and folders, and SharePoint Online
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