Get cyber resilience with Warrior Networks

Reduce cyber risk with our incident response readiness assessment and get strong, actionable next steps to help your firm get it right.

Securing your assets

We secure your digital transformation by embedding cyber security at every level of your organisation through expert strategy, research, design and deployment.

We start by conducting a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment to uncover the gaps in your defences and  then work to fill those gaps.

Think you’ve been hacked? We can put it right. We can find and plug any holes in your cyber security defences.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

During our scoping phase, we listen to what you need to test and really get under the skin of your organisation.

Using our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment, we systematically score every aspect of your current cyber security readiness against agreed targets based on your capabilities and budget. We then develop a roadmap to improve your cyber security and help you manage risk.

By taking a holistic approach to identifying and managing potential cyber security issues, we ensure that your technology lifecycle management process is secure by design to help you maintain constant vigilance now and into the future.

Six security areas

There are six key areas of enterprise cyber security. These are all covered within our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment or available as stand-alone services should you need them.

1. Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management enables lifecycle management of digital identities, credentials and permissions to keep your data secure by design.

2. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

By assessing your current SIEM software and capabilities, we provide a solution that will plug any holes and that you can manage easily.

3. Cryptography and Key Management

Cryptography underpins many of today’s security features. To maintain high security around sensitive data, we embed the right processes, people and technology to make key management straightforward and secure by design, now and into the future.

4. Threat and Vulnerability Management

To proactively reduce the risk of assets being exposed to cyber security vulnerabilities, we enable the identification of potential threats by embedding threat intelligence and vulnerability management.

5. Active Trust Management

Active Trust Management allows you to dynamically analyse traffic flows and manage the level of trust required to interact with corporate networks, applications and data in the cloud.

6. Business Resilience Management

Cyber attacks are inevitable. It is your organisation’s resilience and ability to recover that protects your reputation. To mitigate the potential impact of a cyber attack on your business operations, we enable the continual identification of potential threats.