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Modern Data Protection

Modernize your data protection

What is the #1 business asset after people? Data. Protecting it is crucial to managing it effectively. 

Single platform to protect and manage all workloads

Reduce cost and complexity to achieve your business objectives. Warrior Networks Platform is the complete data protection solution for all data. Whether your data is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, through Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Warrior Networks has your back.

Your Single Backup and Data Management Platform for
Cloud, Virtual, Physical, SaaS and Kubernetes

USE CASES Addressing all your critical needs

Centralize data protection for your cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS and Kubernetes workloads

  • Instant recovery options to eliminate downtime for your
    most-critical assets
  • Scalability to protect environments of any size with near-zero recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Software-defined and flexible for any hardware and storage

Gain unified AI-driven data management for your entire IT infrastructure

  • Built-in intelligence to identify and resolve common problems before operational impact
  • Advanced visibility into operational costs, usage rates and future resource requirements
  • Ensured data protection with consistent monitoring and reporting

Ease the barriers of adopting the cloud with portability, protection and cost-effective licensing 

  • Cloud-native backup and recovery within AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Backup and archive to the cloud, as well as DR and migration options to the cloud
  • Reduce storage costs via policy-driven backup data lifecycle management

Backup is your last line of defense against cyberthreats

  • Ransomware protection with hardened, air-gapped and immutable backups to fully protect against cybersecurity attacks
  • Identify data abnormalities in representing ransomware and malware threats
  • Reduce risk with rapid and secure restore of critical data

Create and automate DR plans, documentation and testing

  • Minimize downtime and data loss with intelligent DR planning and orchestration
  • Be prepared when disaster strikes with automated recovery plan testing
  • Auditing preparedness and tracking of DR service level agreements (SLAs) with documented outcomes and guidance

Unleash the power within your data to accelerate business value

  • Empower innovation with data mining, classification, security analysis, forensics and more
  • Safely test applications and data backups for security before restores and deployment
  • Advanced app development and testing with secure sandbox environments