Information Assurance

Providing a high degree of confidence that all risks are managed

International norms of information assurance disciplines. This includes several consultants certified under the NCSC Certified Consultant Practitioner (CCP) schemes.

Warrior Networks can review or provide information security management strategy, policy, documentation, processes and procedures to organisations that are required for work within formal information assurance frameworks.

This will ensure that those organisation have fit for purpose approach and will be well positioned to received positive outcomes of audits of their policies, process and procedures.

Warrior Networks also has specialisms in the areas of digital forensics and forensic readiness, and can also improve organisations information security incident management processes and responses.    

  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Information Assurance Maturity Assessment
  • Supplier Assurance
  • Security Controls testing and assurance
  • Security Requirements Capture and Definition
  • Forensic Readiness Planning