Proactively Manage Your Cyber Risk with Our Cyber Security As A Service Solutions

Our Cyber Security As A Service solutions provide businesses with the perfect way to manage cyber threats, making sure your IT is monitored and proactively maintained. Our packages can be tailored to the size and requirements of each business and ensure that you’re protected in the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

How our Cyber Security As A Service Works And How It Keeps You Protected

Adopting a Cyber Security As A Service, or CSaaS, strategy is the perfect way to protect your business due to the ever-changing nature of cyber security and cyber threats. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for new ways to attack businesses to extract data or money, which means that the solutions you have in place need to be as up to date as possible. As well as the obvious updates required, such as software patching, it’s also important to take a proactive approach to the management of your IT network, to monitor access across your IT network and to implement new software, or software features, as they become available.

IT Network Proactive Maintenance

As part of our cyber security as a service solutions we will look after your IT network with a set of proactive services which we know are essential to keep a business safe from cyber crime. This covers everything from removing dormant users on your IT network to patching software so that it is up to date and protecting you against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.


Our Cyber Security Framework

With vast experience in cyber security, we have built our own Cyber Security Framework, based on the principles of Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001. This framework includes the rules and policies required to keep your business safe from common threats and helps protect you against staff accidents, password losses or external breach attempts.

Advanced Security Monitoring

For businesses with a high reliance on IT, or particularly sensitive data, we can provide an advanced level of protection which will monitor your devices and network against more sophisticated attacks. This covers monitoring potential data leaks on the Dark Web and intelligent security solutions, such as SOC and SEIM, to identify potential breaches early.

Recommendations & Enhancements

Because the world of cyber security never stops evolving and changing you will be assigned a dedicated cyber security specialist and account manager who will inform you of any improvements needed to your network and the latest cyber security software solutions available that can protect against the most recent, and even future, cyber threats and attacks.


Our Most Popular Cyber Security Services

We offer a wide range of cyber security related products and services that help businesses protect themselves from cyber crime, but if you’re looking for something specific then the following options are the most popular and widely used options…

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Protect your businesses PCs, Laptops & Servers.

  • Award-winning anti-virus software
  • Intelligent anti-malware with built-in anti-ransomware
  • Monitor and report on device activity

UTM & Firewall Hardware & Software

Protect your business from external threats with a UTM device.

  • Block external threats and viruses from your network
  • Manage web access and block malicious websites
  • Monitor and report on network activity

Multi-Factor Authentication

The ultimate protection for lost and hacked passwords.

  • Protect email and Microsoft 365 logins
  • Protect virtually any software with 2-factor
  • Easy to use with a simple mobile application

Anti-Phish Threat Training

Worried about staff clicking on malicious emails?

  • Train staff with regular cyber security tests
  • Send ‘fake malicious’ emails to test staff
  • Report on training and test emails

Free Cyber Security Training

Aside from putting a robust cyber security services and software strategy its vital that you cover the other big risk in your organisation – your staff!

A combination of poor passwords and a lack of care and attention can create holes in your cyber security strategy that allows cyber criminals an easy way in. One of the ways to tackle this is to train your staff, but where do you start?

Luckily, we’ve recorded a series of three cyber security training sessions, aimed at end users, which cover Email, Social Engineering and Passwords, which are available on YouTube completely free…


Businesses and Organisations Who Rely on Warrior Networks for Cyber Security Services

We help businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Because we always start our process by discussing business requirements, and not products, we have helped a huge number of organisations improve their IT and keep it working.