Security Roadmap

Security Plans are one of the most overlooked enterprise security controls. As with other types of Strategy Plans, Security Plans define the architecture that is appropriate for the enterprise and accompany it with a deployment roadmap that guides future decision making processes. Organizations that operate without Security Plans tend to make investments in a reactionary manner and thus spend more money than may be required to provide a lower standard of security than could be achieved with conscientious forethought. The development of a Security Plan, however, generally takes specialized skills that most organizations do not have. As a result, the process either takes a significant amount of time, or, where third party contractors are retained to do the work, a significant amount of money.

Warrior Networks Security Planning Solution Set will help you:

Understand what a Security Plan is, and why it is important.
Determine which specific security solutions are required by your organization.
Create an security implementation roadmap that indicates the order of security solution deployment.

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