Warrior Networks Message Archiver

Warrior Networks Message Archiver

Warrior Networks Message Archiver

Cloud-Connected Archiving for Efficiency and E-Discovery

Warrior Networks Message Archiver is a cloud-connected archiving solutions that works to reduce the amount of space taken up by e-mail storage, allowing for compliance with the strictest regulations, and handling e-discovery requests simply and efficiently. Warrior Networks Cloud Integration provides lengthy storage with a focus on security. Archived messages are available for access at any time from any device to registered users.

Keep email safe while minimizing the amount of space required.

Warrior Networks Message Archiver is a simple solution to archiving data in a cloud-integrated system that is intuitive in both management and deployment. It couples enhanced productivity with a substantial reduction in the amount of storage space required. In addition it simplifies the e-discovery process and makes regulatory compliance a snap.

Warrior Networks Message Archiver offers instantaneous access to a searchable database of archived messages that all users are able to retrieve or export from any device, whether off-site or in the office.

Message Archiver works fluidly with all types of email servers, and also integrates cloud based email services like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365.

  • Simple management and set-up
  • Can be deployed in multiple styles
  • Lower costs for storage and remove the need for PST files
  • Streamlined compliance and e-discovery
  • Unlimited access for users

Accurate Archiving While Maximizing Compliance

Warrior Networks make use of specialized capture software to guarantee an unchanged and identical duplicate of every message, whether outgoing or incoming. The unchangeable copies are contained in a repository where they are immune from tampering, stored indefinitely with no chance of deletion or corruption. It offers an option to upload a history of data from email into the cloud, combined with instant messages as well as information from contacts, notes, appointments, and tasks, allowing for a complete record of a variety of data.

Key Features:

  • Archiving Email
  • Archiving Instant Messages
  • Importing Historical Data
  • Archiving non-Email Content

Use the Warrior Networks Message Archiver however best suits your business:

Cloud-based, physically, or virtually.

Cloud-Networked Archiving

Warrior Networks Message Archiver is offered in both a physical configuration and a virtual option, allowing for deployment in a cloud-based configuration or in the workplace. It can be bought and set up digitally through AWS Marketplace, or can be locally installed using Hyper-V or VMware.

However you choose to use Warrior Networks Message Archiver, it can be set to mimic all stored information in the Warrior Networks Cloud. This Cloud-based system guaranteed that data storage remains secure for extended retention, allowing for quicker recovery time in the event of a catastrophe or disaster.

Key Features:

  • Deployment Options
  • Cloud-Connected Archiving
  • Federated Search

Simple Management of Emails

Warrior Networks Message Archiver greatly reduces costs by slashing the demands for storage of the email server. It accomplishes this with a variety of services, including the removal of duplicates, stubbing, and compression of full messages, meaning users will stay comfortable inside storage restrictions with no need for PST files—or the performance of large scale wipes that can be risky when it comes to regulatory status.

An option is included for selecting granular retention policies, ensuring there is no risk of changed or lost data for whatever length of time is necessary.

Key Features:

  • Retention Policies
  • Single-Instance Storage
  • Exchange Message Stubbing
  • PST File Management

Streamlined E-Discovery and Simplified Compliance

Regardless of the complexity of discovery requirements or audits, Warrior Networks Message Archiver allows for simple compliance at minimal cost. The archives it forms are completely indexed, allowing for multi-level searching across a variety of appliances as well as the Barracuda Cloud, while enabling legal holds.

The interface for users is simple to use and provides individualized secured access while decreasing the time required when locating specific messages. Additionally, due to fully tracked audit trails, demonstrating that you’ve been following regulations is simplified.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Searching
  • Federated Search
  • Message Tagging
  • Role Based Access
  • Legal Hold
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail

Archives Available: Anytime and Anywhere

The Warrior Networks Message Archiver allows users to work with the data from any location. The use of Microsoft’s Add-In for Outlook offers the opportunity to stick with a familiar client while adding functionality form seamless integration of archives with the mailbox. As a protection against loss of connection, a cache is maintained locally of archived messages, providing continuous access.

A mobile app is available for Android as well as iOS, in addition to a simple web interface and a fully functional desktop client.

Key Features

  • End User Web Interface
  • End User Add-In for Microsoft Outlook
  • Comprehensive Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Search
  • Mailbox Folder Synchronization

Why Use Warrior Networks Message Archiver?

It’s not enough to have archived message data kept secure if you lack support when something goes wrong. Thanks to the 24/7 support of a dedicated team of technical staff comprised of in-house security engineers, any issues that may arise can be quickly and efficiently dealt with.

In addition to the Warrior Networks Message Archiver there is a range of archiving, firewall, backup, and security services and products available that were designed for anyone that desires effective, simple, affordable protection.

Office 365 Message Archive

Offers Archiving, Backup, eDiscovery, and Layered Security in Office 365

Ensures that the Cloud is secure to business standards at all times.

Benefits of the Cloud include convenient and simplified access to key documents and communications while working to reduce management costs. It is important to keep in mind that regulations for compliance, concerns for security, and drivers for data protection all shift when using the Cloud for important data.

What sort of security will shield you from the potential dangers of web-based email for your business?

How can you show regulators that you are remaining compliant and retaining documents for the correct amount of time if everything is kept in the same environment?

How can you prevent human error from compromising or destroying data?

Protection against Email-Borne Threats

Protection of data is just as much of a responsibility in a Cloud-based system as it is for in-house solutions. Warrior Networks Essentials offers protection at the front of the industry in preventing attacks via email, spam, or viruses, and is the leading choice for many companies when it comes to security. It accomplishes this by including enhanced security components such as attachment sandboxing, anti-viral software, anti-phishing protection, and typosquatted link safeguarding, securing against intelligent attacks designed to target you. Protections against data loss coupled with encryption of emails allows for credit card information and sensitive consumer details to stay within the organization. Continuity with email services guarantees that email is never offline, switching to a cloud-based service if the standard email server is unavailable.

Warrior Networks Email Threat Scanner

Email is the most vulnerable point for serious infection, and it is common that inboxes will contain a variety of threats, such as dangerous attachments that can cripple a network, or launch a ransomware assault with only a single click. Warrior Networks Email Threat Scanner examines all connected Office 365 mailboxes with advanced detection techniques, including a virtual test environment which it uses to determine the potential risks of opening a file before it can infect your system. It is cloud-based and free, providing detailed reports on any threats it locates as well as finding at-risk employees within the organization’s email system.

Recovery and Backup for Office 365

SaaS and Cloud-based environments such as Office 365 become more common choices for organizations with every passing day. These digital environments protect against all manner of mechanical or natural failings, but don’t necessarily protect against data loss caused by humans or persistent advanced threats. As an additional layer of protection it is important to have a strong system in place for backing up and recovering data, ensuring that in a worst-case scenario nothing is lost and downtime is minimized.

Compliance Archiving

The law requires the retention of certain types of documents for mandated periods of time, and it is in the best interests of businesses to ensure they are safe and easy to search. Warrior’s Essentials works together with the Office 365 software to build an intuitive and potent system for e-discovery and email retention.

Granular email retention policies can be enabled, ensuring key emails are archived and retained in the cloud. All archived email is quickly searchable and can be exported as necessary. The native and the mobile apps all allow for searching of messages when email servers are experiencing outages.

If litigation becomes a concern, legal holds can be put in place to avoid anyone tampering with or removing emails or documents until the expiration or removal of the hold.

AI for Cyber Fraud Defense/Real-Time Spear Phishing

Business email compromise (BEC) and spear phishing have become the most damaging threats to cybersecurity out there. They create exceptional danger because they can cause damage to the reputations of both the brand and the individual in addition to the financial consequences. Due to the personalized nature of these attacks, and the lack of attachments or links containing malicious software, they can be extremely challenging to detect.

To combat this Warrior Essentials offers the Warrior Networks Sentinel, which is a comprehensive AI solution, leading the market in countering spear-phishing and cyber-fraud in real time. Combining three potent components into a cloud-based service it protects against this type of personalized attack:

The AI engine trains to recognize the pattern of current communication within an organization, preventing impersonation attempts and stopping spear phishing attempts.

Use of DMARC authentication prevents spoofing of domains or hijacking of the brand

Identification and training of at-risk individuals in the organization through the use of simulated attacks

The API style architecture features a design that extends protection and functionality to more than simply Office 365 and email, including a variety of message platforms like Slack, social media, G Suite, and others. It deploys quickly and does not degrade the performance of the network.

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