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Locate, Migrate, and Eliminate PST Files

Warrior Networks PST Enterprise lets you regain control over email data stored in PST files and scattered across your organization. It eliminates the risks associated with these problem files, while also reducing ongoing costs and supporting IT requirements for regulatory and e-discovery compliance.

Regain Control of Your Data

PST files are often used by end-users as personal email archives. As a result, they are typically scattered widely across end-user devices and network storage, which makes them notoriously difficult to discover and manage consistently or effectively.

Thanks to improvements to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, your users no longer need to store data locally within PST files. However, legacy PST files still contain important data that you need to bring back under control. Warrior’s PST Enterprise is designed specifically to help you address this challenge.
Manages all PST files regardless of location and status
Wide choice of PST processing options
Selective processing only retains required data
Automated, centrally managed operation
Highly scalable to meet enterprise needs

Complete PST Management

PST Enterprise automatically discovers PST files wherever they exist across your organization, by scanning end-user devices and network servers. It then migrates data from these files to a secure location such as Exchange or Office 365, or archives data to the Warrior Networks Message Archiver or Warrior Networks Cloud Archiving Service.

Data is migrated selectively, so you only retain the data you still need. The unique zero-footprint client requires no local software install, and minimizes the impact on end users. Parallel processing and direct routing optimize the use of your network and system resources.

Significant Cost Reduction

You may have many terabytes of data stored in PST files located on end-user devices and on network servers. And these files are notoriously unreliable, since they are often corrupted and easily misplaced. The costs associated with storing, securing, and managing these large files—in terms of both system resources and IT administrative overhead—are significant.

Warrior Networks PST Enterprise lets you completely eliminate PST files from your entire infrastructure, and consequently realize a significant overall reduction in support costs.

Reduce Risk

PST files can be disconnected from Outlook and copied or moved with ease. Furthermore, they are not usually backed up. Because of this, they create a significant risk of data being lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed.

Another risk associated with PST files involves litigation and forensic investigations. Your IT personnel almost certainly are unaware of the number and location of PST files, and have no visibility into the data they contain. If that data is relevant to litigation or an investigation, it will be overlooked.

Warrior Networks PST Enterprise lets you eliminate these corporate, strategic, and legal risks by identifying every PST file across your organization, then centralizing and retaining all data that has business value.

Ensure Compliance

PST files often contain valuable or sensitive business data, but because they are not managed by the IT department, they frequently violate corporate data retention and deletion policies.

By discovering all PST files, migrating them to a secure location, and eliminating all obsolete or redundant data, you will ensure regulatory compliance and enable enforcement of your organizational information management policies.

Support E-Discovery

Data contained in PST files may be relevant to specific e-discovery or litigation requests, but as IT departments are usually unaware of the location and content of each individual PST file, complying with these requests can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Once you have identified all the PST files across your organization, and migrated all current data to a central archive or mail server, finding and retrieving data to comply with e-discovery requests becomes quick and easy, without requiring IT personnel and resources.

Why Warrior Networks PST Enterprise?

Your data is critical to your business, so your PST management solution should be supported by people who take your data security as seriously as you do.

Hundreds of thousands of organizations around the globe rely on Warrior Networks to protect their applications, networks, and data. Warrior Networks PST Enterprise is part of a comprehensive line of backup, archiving, firewall, and security products and services designed for organizations seeking robust, affordable, easy-to-use protection.


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