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What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is associated with a number of interchangeable names. The performance test can also referred to as a stress test, load testing or volume testing and is the application of a process that verifies the ability of a system to handle varying degrees of concurrent users and system transactions. The Goals of performance testing are driven by a number of factors that could include business volumetric requirements and service level agreements (SLA) as well as perceived and actual performance risk.

The volumetric requirements and SLAs are typically defined within a Performance Requirements section of a Non Functional Testing Requirements document. Understanding performance risk helps to prioritise the objectives and scope of the non functional testing. During testing varying degrees of user and system transactions (the performance test workload) are executed concurrently. User and system response times are measured and referenced against the Non Functional requirements. During performance testing, system components are monitored to verify the stability of the system under test and to identity points that require performance tuning these include;

The Network Media, System servers, Databases, Messaging providers, Disk arrays, and software components.

Our Performance Testing Services
Our company offers an on-site comprehensive performance testing service. We can help you at any stage of a performance testing project. Our strength of service is built on a measurable process that has been fine tuned over many years. Our performance testing services include;

Test Strategy Development

– Requirements Gathering.
– Volumetric Analysis.
– Clarity of Scope and Objectives.

Team Management

– Liaison between technical specialists and project management.
– Process Improvement and Skills Transfer.
Test Tool Evaluations and Procurement

We are independent resellers of the leading test tools on the market. We understand how the tools work and can ensure that you only buy what you need rather than what the vendor wants to sell you making purchases far more cost effective for your company.

Our Hands On Technical Services

Test Lab Development

– We can build the performance testing infrastructure.
– We also offer an external test lab and over the internet testing.
Automated Test Script Frameworks

– Developing a framework for your company’s in-house people to quickly and easily generate test scripts and scenarios.
– Knowledge transfer and skills sharing with your full company resource.
Test Development and Execution

– We ensure that your performance test results always include monitoring of your systems’ components so bottlenecks can quickly and easily be identified using automated testing tools and or bespoke test harnesses.
– System Tuning – for example database query tuning and application server tuning.
– Load Testing Reports – producing measurable and understandable performance test result reports.

An Overview Of A Typical Engagement
We gather requirements and generate a detailed test strategy. After the strategy has been approved by you we then build the required performance testing lab to inject load onto your system.

We then develop automated test scripts and scenarios and implement monitoring across your system servers and network. Then it’s time to conduct a series of performance tests against your system based on the agreed approach as defined within the test strategy.

During testing we hold an open conference call with your key technicians involved in monitoring during testing. After a test is completed all monitored information is collated and correlated with user transaction response times.

We then conduct a detailed analysis of your system and provide a report, which also details suggested tuning changes. We make our reports as readable as possible ensuring that the information provided can be understood by people without a technical background.

We also ensure that all the technical analysis is detailed within our test reports as evidence of issues and resolutions. Testing is available outside of business hours to ensure that there is no disruption to your core business activities. For web facing systems we can also provide all hardware and software requirements to conduct the tests.

We also offer Automated Software Testing Services.





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