We map and scan our clients networks to determine if you are
vulnerable to the latest threats. Commonly integrating with:
Penetration Testing
Security Program Assessments
Incident Response

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We can visualise and prioritise our clients active threats at-a-glance
using dynamic dashboards. Integrating with:
Security Posture Assessments
Zero-Day Threat Assessments
External Security Assessments
Managed Security Services

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Warrior Networks can easily discover critical vulnerabilities such as SQL injections
and Cross-Site Scripting on Web Applications
. We commonly integrate with:
Web Application Assessments
Security Program Assessments
External Security Assessments
Managed Security Services
Managed Security Services

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We help our clients pass security and compliance audits tied to policies, laws
and regulations. Commonly integrating with:
Industry Compliance Assessments
Security Program Assessments
Incident Response
Managed Security Services

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Automating business assessments for our clients by designing, launching,
and tracking questionnaires from the cloud. Commonly integrating with:
Security Program Assessments
Third-Party Risk Assessments
Procedure Control Assessments
Security Training and Awareness

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We prepare our clients of all sizes for ASV certifications and QSA audits by
running PCI readiness reports. Commonly integrates with:
PCI Readiness Assessments
PCI Compliance Road Mapping
Payments Infrastructure Assessments
Payments Infrastructure Strategy

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Data Privacy And Protection Warrior networks

Warrior Networks is a European company specialists in the field of information security. It was founded in 2005 by a committed group of partners, all senior security specialists with a long-standing work experience both in multinationals and in smaller companies.

As a company, we have a strong asset. The collective expertise and experience of our team is such that it would normally be found only in a very large organisation. We, however, have all the advantages of a small and reactive structure, which alone can answer the needs of its customers in an individual, flexible and efficient way.

We ensure our clients remain protected against everything from non-compliance fines, account data compromises, breach fines and Monetary Penalty Notices, to the loss of intellectual property, abuse of system access, brand damage and of course, the good old fashioned hacker.

Clients and Case Studies


Provision and implementation of Cisco UCS, deploying a scalable data center framework for supporting IT innovation and business acceleration. Deployment of Cisco Wireless and Cisco Mobility Experience Services to provide location-aware Solutions


Palo Alto Networks firewall deployment for a flexible, staged payments process. Firewall monitoring all network traffic in granular detail—monitoring both known and unknown threats from a single security engine. Implementing WildFire portal for detects and destruction of new threats in the cloud.

HP Enterprise Security Services

Objective: Deployed HPE TippingPoint and HPE ArcSight technologies, leveraging the strong synergy between the solutions, and build advanced services on the ArcSight platform to address targeted threats for advanced threat protection intelligent analysis, forensics capabilities and malware analysis


Cisco ASA to Juniper SRX Firewall Migration. Client replacing older ASAs, with a new next-generation firewall, the SRX Series. Preparing for the future, upgrading the perimeter for more cloud-delivered services, and client essentially strengthening their security posture.


Deployment of AlienVault USM Platform as an open-source security controls system. Integrating five critical security capabilities – asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, be- havioral monitoring, and security intelligence.


Integrate Cloud Services and On-premise Services implementing Proxy and API interactions for clients. Extending Enterprise Security to clients mobile and cloud Applications


Security Policy development for Government Secured Client for assessing and managing the security monitoring for external cyber threats and vulnerabilities technical controls are appropriately implemented.


Design and Implementation of a Internet Edge solution utilising Juniper networks® mX Series 3d universal edge routers, SrX Series Secure Services gateways, and eX Series ethernet Switches. Implementation of three main routing policy categories.

A few key points about
Warrior Networks


we make sure our customers are fully aware of all risks related to the use of their IT infrastructure and we train them on every solution we implement, from the end-users to those who are responsible of the infrastructure.


our solutions are selected neutrally, based only on your specific requirements and regardless of any supplier, brand or external influence.


we are totally committed to our customers’ satisfaction.


each partner has 10 to 20 years’ experience in the most important aspects of security.


Warrior Networks can rely on a team of senior professionals, all with a long-standing experience in their respective field of activity. All of them have a personal knowledge of each of their customers and their requirements. Reputation: even competitors recognize our specialists as experts in their field. Customers can also testify as to their professional and efficient approach.

Individual approach

the essence of security problems has changed a lot in recent years. We answer the needs of each customer individually and rapidly. There are no ready-made solutions. We offer the best approach to suit YOUR needs and YOUR budget.


as a small and reactive structure, we respond quickly and efficiently, without administrative and organizational delays that can be found in a larger company.


we constantly monitor the market for technological advances enabling our team to select the most innovative and relevant solutions at all times.

Our key deliverables include

Security strategy and execution Threat and risk analysis Security Operations Center (SOC) design and implementation Global deployment and support Security audits and assessments Regulatory and compliance programs Staff augmentation and employee training Incident response, postmortem analysis and remediation