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cyber security for SME

Cyber Security Training for Employees

Prevent your workforce from causing security incidents that may increase your workload and expenses. To effectively prioritize cyber security, investing in employee training is crucial.

  • Gain Compliance
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Phishing Testing
  • Market Leading
  • Fully Managed
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Security awareness training and testing

Mitigating the risk of cyber incidents can be achieved through the implementation of security awareness training and testing (SATT). This enables employees to develop a more cautious approach towards potential threats and equips them with the necessary skills to identify and respond to them. By adopting SATT, organizations can significantly reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks and safeguard their assets.

cyber security for SME
cyber security for SME

Cyber Security E-Learning

While cyber security awareness training is a common practice, it is not enough on its own to ensure your business is fully protected. Our e-learning service not only meets compliance standards and assists with cyber insurance, but also demonstrates to your suppliers that you prioritize security. We go beyond simply checking off boxes, as we actively strive to educate your employees on the importance of cyber awareness and prevent security incidents caused by employee mistakes.

Benefits of our cyber security training for staff

Interactive cyber security training

Our e-learning courses provide a one-of-a-kind educational experience by seamlessly integrating quiz questions. By doing so, we equip your staff with a comprehensive understanding of cyber security risks and how to effectively combat cybercrime.

Outcome driven with guaranteed results

At the core of our values is the aim to bring about an enduring impact in the organisations we partner with. Our primary objective is to provide a genuine return on investment, which is why we adopt a flexible approach to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Bespoke fully managed service

Managing employees' cyber security training can be a cumbersome and challenging task. Allow our expert team to handle the management of your program, so that you can concentrate on more important matters, and conserve your time and resources.

UK provider with global coverage

With a UK-based foundation, our course material boasts British-accented voiceovers and can be accessed in more than 26 languages. We have partnered with businesses all over Europe and the world to assist them with their cybersecurity education needs.

Targeted  phishing testing

Our expert engineers diligently perform simulated phishing attacks that mimic real-life cybercriminal targeting on your organization. It is imperative that you do not accept anything less than these authentic simulations to ensure your organization's protection.

Detailed reporting  and portals

Gain compliance and cyber insurance with the help of board-level reports on training and phishing campaigns, presented through a user-friendly reporting portal that offers real-time updates on your service progress.

cyber security for SME

Cyber security awareness training and testing


Understand your risk level

To determine the vulnerability of your staff to cyber attacks, it is advisable to conduct a phishing email test. This test serves as a baseline to simulate a realistic spear phishing attack that can be launched by cybercriminals. Our team of experts will craft a tailored test based on information available to cybercriminals for targeting your employees. The results of the test typically show that 40 to 70% of your employees may engage in the attack, exposing them as potential cybersecurity risks. Using the test results as a benchmark, you can monitor employee progress throughout the cybersecurity awareness training process and obtain a clear view of progress throughout your organization.


Professional and interactive security awareness training

To safeguard your business against modern cyber attacks, it is imperative to equip your staff with the requisite skills and tools. With our interactive online cyber security training, your employees will learn to recognize the tell-tale signs of an impending cyber attack and understand how to respond when there is a likelihood of a breach.

Our training module features an extensive array of expertly created educational videos that cover diverse security topics, empowering your workforce with a comprehensive understanding of the cyber threat landscape.

cyber security for SME
cyber security for SME


Maintain vigilance with ongoing phishing testing

Our aim is to assist your organization in achieving a 0% click rate every month, while keeping your employees well-informed about the latest cyber security risks. Through our partnership, we will prioritize maintaining alertness to cyber threats with frequent phishing testing, remedial training, reports, and additional support.

To ensure that your employees stay current with the latest techniques and threats used by cybercriminals, we regularly update our cyber security awareness training videos. This guarantees that your staff is consistently aware of potential risks to your organization.


QR code security awareness training

The cyber security world is constantly evolving, and as such, new threats to individuals and organizations are always emerging. One such threat is the unsuspecting QR code phishing attack. To combat this, we provide comprehensive cyber security training and testing services that include a straightforward yet effective QR code phishing simulation aimed at your employees. These simulations are strategically placed throughout your office and are designed to raise awareness of the risks associated with scanning QR codes. To supplement the simulations, we offer a concise online course to further educate employees on cyber security and how to keep their organization safe.

cyber security for SME

Why choose us for Cyber Awareness Training

Change staff behaviour

Investing in other security awareness solutions often proves to be futile, as they fail to effectively mitigate the risk posed by staff who remain vulnerable to cyber attacks. On the other hand, implementing Cyber Security Awareness can bring about a long-term positive change in staff behavior, thereby safeguarding your organization and ensuring a significant return on your investment.

Achieve compliance

In order to attain accreditation and compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, and cyber insurance, it is imperative that your organization provide comprehensive cyber security awareness training to its employees. Our solution not only fulfills these requirements but also minimizes your workload by effectively checking off your compliance boxes.

Solve human risk

The prevention of over 90% of successful cyber attacks is attainable through the establishment of a trained and attentive workforce. In light of today's increasingly menacing cyber threats, solely relying on technology to safeguard your organisation is inadequate. Thus, it is essential to cultivate Cyber Security Awareness, which fosters a human firewall capable of halting emerging threats.

Interactive cyber security training

Engaging e-learning courses with integrated quiz questions to provide a unique learning experience that ensures staff understand cyber security risks and methods to stop cybercrime.

Outcome driven with guaranteed results

Our mission is to make a lasting difference in every organisation we work with. We’re all about providing a true return on investment, so our approach is dynamic to ensure that every customer receives a service that works for them.